automated production line in the passenger car production


Added value right from the start with our plant automation

Individual, customized concepts for optimum efficiency and investment security are our claim. The SPS & CAD AUTOMATION P.O.G. GmbH is partner and system supplier for an overall industry automation. Our experience thereby covers the most various sectors of plant automation. At SPS & CAD AUTOMATION P.O.G. GmbH, we plan and design process automation solutions using the most recent hardware tools.

Our automation teams consist of highly motivated and creative development engineers, material flow and process experts who gathered experience from various projects.

PLC control and visualization of a machine


Individual plant optimum and enduring competitive advantage

Machine tools and special machinery are considered as top performance of mechatronics. Design processes, control and feedback control approaches are one of the development cores around machinery automation.

To remain competitive in today’s globalized world, companies must increase their productivity. Only the best and fastest machines, fully automated, at a high degree of availability guarantee a competitive solution.

Our engineers develop customized overall solutions from project planning to the production of a plant. They thoroughly test all technologies and evaluate them according to customer and industry-specific requirements.

Your advantage: High performance, quality, reliability and price

Switchboard with measuring instruments


Exceptional challenge in automation & control engineering on a high level

In view of the growing demand for energy the question of efficient power distribution is in the main focus. More than 918,000 km of low-voltage lines in Germany demonstrate that energy distribution is an important part of electric power supply.

Designing and planning medium- and low-voltage systems is a real challenge for engineers. We have faced this challenge and offer to you our project planning experience.

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