Dosing and Filling Stystem in Pharmaceutical industry


We are specialists in the field of dosing and filling systems. We design and build tailor-made systems according to your specifications. Our dosing systems are modular in structure and offer you individual solutions for mixing or diluting liquid chemicals and chemical solids.


A precise dosage increases the quality standard. Here, the handling of the containers/packages and the filling weights determine the selection of the measuring types. Accordingly, the design and implementation of the dosing, mixing and filling systems can be realized by dosing pumps, flowmeters or weighing technology. Jointly with you, we will work out the suitable procedural workflow to achieve an optimum result for the manufacturing process.

Our high-quality automation solutions for dosing, mixing, filling, separating and tempering leave total freedom of choice for the user:

  • Flexible, modular structure of the control system
  • Simple, transparent graphical visualization
  • Individual recipe management
  • Data tracking
  • Automatic cleaning and rinsing routines
  • Exact dosing
  • Automatic calibration and additive dosing
  • Automatic stirring and circulating with speed and time information
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Diluting and discarding after a set time
  • Continuous filling processes
  • Exhaust air, leakage, overfill protection and safety monitoring

For explosive, flammable and water-polluting substances we offer dosing systems in accordance with the statutory provisions.

Sign corrosive substances

First the water, then the sulphuric acid!

Correct dosing requires a broad knowledge and expertise in how to mix the chemicals and about the chemical reactions and controlled effects.

Important features:

  • Dissolving chemicals in the correct order
  • Adherence to the regulations of the German Ordinance on Hazardous Substances
  • Right selection of the module materials
  • Proper concept in the field of process and safety control monitoring
  • Early detection of an operating error and execution refusal
  • Safe shutdown of the system in case of a safety-related alert
  • Evaluation of the measurement data

We know about the peculiarities of the different applications. We will be pleased to advise you and develop, together with you, which system offers the best solution for you.

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