industrial furnace



Ignition and auxiliary burners

Is your system safe to operate?

The selection of an appropriate system is the main characteristic for the pre-treatment of thermal processes. The burners differ in three aspects:

  • Output
  • Heat
  • Geometric requirements (cross-section of the flame)

We offer you the perfect solution for a modern and highly efficient combustion system with the following basic elements:

  • Automatic gas stoker, ignition transformer
  • Circulating air, combustion air and cooling air unit
  • LEL monitoring
  • Failsafe control systems and programming
  • Monitoring of all safety-relevant parameters
  • Logging all relevant data
  • Display of operating and fault states
  • Start of the single system components in the correct order
  • Control and monitoring of gas burners
    • for continuous operation with ionization monitoring
    • for intermittent operation with UV monitoring
    • for continuous operation with UV monitoring

We take over the automation, optimization and performance increase of combustion systems with heat up and auxiliary firing and prescribed combustion temperature and assist you in planning, executing and adhering to the required limit values for polluting emissions.

Our experts will be glad to answer all your questions regarding thermal processes.

  • 2-chamber regenerative afterburning system for cleaning solvent-containing process air
  • Refinery and process furnaces for heating up or evaporating hydrocarbons


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